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Q: on fait comment pour se faire rembourser quand le colis n'arrive pas ?

Задавает alexandredargaud на 2021-07-27 09:01:12

Loneman Goto Customer Service here: https://www.banggood.com/Contact-Us_hi111 then "order

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Q: is the stock is available now?

Задавает BG225553814 на 2021-06-21 09:41:51

Loneman At the minute it's showing the red as being in stock while the white and yellow ones are expected to ship on the 26th of June. HTH.

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Q: whats the difference between 1A and 3D

Задавает Dan187 на 2021-06-01 10:07:49

Loneman It's the "tint" or colour temperature. 5A (4000k) is a warm yellow tint, 3D (5000k), which is my preferred tint, is neutral white, almost like daytime sunlight and 1A (6500k) is a colder, blue-ish tint. HTH.

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Q: These are NOT diamond files, why are they being advertised as such?!

Задавает Loneman на 2021-06-01 11:58:08

The seller This is the mini needle file.

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Q: What's the nozzle diameter? TIA.

Задавает Loneman на 2021-05-08 08:13:35

The seller Hello, the nozzle diameter of this product is 6.5mm, I hope it can help you.

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Q: Will it plug in to uk 240v plug

Задавает BG544368153 на 2021-02-20 02:43:02

Loneman Yes, you can, it will get VERY bright for a VERY short time, though and possibly go BANG!!! *facepalm

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Loneman I'd hazard a guess that it does with it being always back-lit, however, it's a tiny smd led so the draw will be negligible. I've used mine quite regularly over the last few months or so and the batteries are still going strong, in fact, I'm considering adding another led to the other side.

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Q: Are these protected for series charging?

Задавает tstepha2 на 2021-03-04 08:28:11

Loneman No.

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