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Q: is this module compatable with the tandem x20 radio?

Задавает maxmeisterx на 2022-01-04 11:20:27

FJB is supported by Ethos since version 1.30, but requires a LUA script.

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Q: Does someone have a manual for this or knows how it works

Задавает maxmeisterx на 2020-11-27 10:51:07

masyoi yes

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maxmeisterx i agree with the answer above me. this is not a beginner plane. you wont have fun with this if youre not a good pilot

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Q: can i fly this on 4s without doing any mods except for the battery connector?

Задавает maxmeisterx на 2021-03-13 06:31:12

DanielDMXS The ESC and Motors are rated to use them with 2-4S so yeah, it is supposed you could use it with a 4S battery without any major complication than the XT-60! Hope it helps!

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JeffKnickelbein Wearingglasses is not possible. You could adjust the dioptre on the goggles to within certain limits. Otherwise you may need to where contact lenses. If the camera aspect ratio is different, the image will be cropped.

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Q: Does this come pre flashed with expresslrs or do i have to flash it

Задавает maxmeisterx на 2021-04-25 12:40:15

JulioGlez ya viene flasheado con ELRS, pero tal vez necesites actualizar el Firmware a la última versión

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Q: Does it support telemetry data senr back to the radio?

Задавает maxmeisterx на 2021-08-21 06:37:33

Danfri1982 Ja tut es. Man braucht nur die Sensoren

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