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omgwtfbbq 04/04/2022
What a nice little bluetooth speaker! I was pleasently surprised listening to this speaker because despite its size the music quality is very good, with a good extension to the lower frequencies. Also volume is more than adequate for and indoor medium sized room, but asking too much results in a bit of distorsion and noise. It has 3 presets: normal, surround and subwoofer. The difference is not astounding but very noticeable. The manufacturer claims that it's dust and water proof. Surely the dust is not a problem for this device because there are no seams around the buttons and it has a rubber cap on the back ports, but I wouldn't put it to the test for the water proof part. Pros: - very compact - very good sound reproduction - can connect to the phone and act as hands free call device: it suspends the music if a call arrives and using the buttons you can refuse, accept and end the call - dust proof - rubbery finish pleasant to the touch - long playing time - can be used in pairs (not tested) - can interact with digital assistence tools (Alexa, Google) Cons: - normally this rubbery finish will fade over time and become sticky over the years; too soon to see it not, but if that's the case it can be cleaned off using alcohol - quite heavy for its size (but it can be considered a sign of quality because batteries are heavy and so are the transducers) - a littel pricey compared with products of the same size, but again quality is there and is well worth the price (moreso when there is a promotion or you have coupon/discount/allowance) The ideal use of this speaker is when you need a capable source of music in a indoor situation or when size and portability matters in outdoor scenarios. A final note on the packaging: the manufacturer took care of using protective material inside the cardboard box, so this product can whitstand the usual demanding Banggood packaging, or lack thereof.
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