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VoxNihily It needs to be connected to wifi at first inside the app. Later you can use mobile data in the app to view the stream. But wifi is necessary for the camera to stream

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Q: é fácil de instalar?

Задавает BG202516549 на 2021-12-15 03:40:43

VoxNihily Very easy. No drilling, no screws needed. Due to it's light weight you can use hot glue or tubed silicone to glue it in place.

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Q: no built in battery! so how work it?

Задавает BG221724154 на 2021-12-03 08:49:46

VoxNihily It connects to an adapter with a micro usb cable. And to a direct power source. I suggest installing the camera close to a power outlet. If you don't have that option you can always buy a usb extension cord to reach the closest socket.

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Q: Does this camera records audio or sound?

Задавает Lwaziiii на 2021-11-19 01:43:02

VoxNihily Yes it does. It's a little buzzy and conversations can sometimes be inaudible, but that depends on distance and loudness.

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