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Q: When using my KF-101, how do I get photos and video to go to the SD chip?

Задавает BG414854420 на 2022-10-31 07:48:55

BG446198731 When using the controller only don’t press the phone. Only use phone to go back and forth then controller to snap videos or photo

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Q: I'm having problems unlocking the drone. Any advice?

Задавает valen на 2022-03-10 06:44:54

BG446198731 Try to hold the right top button by the power on press and hold and power on switch

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Q: How long does it take to receive the goods?

Задавает sunny на 2019-12-24 12:27:40

BG446198731 Two weeks

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Q: Is it geo fenced like the dji drones are?

Задавает BG251885235 на 2021-09-21 06:45:11

BG446198731 I have not flown it out far yet getting the feel of it but just flying around close it’s amazing very dependable

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