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Gilberda 2019-11-04 06:30:05
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Q: do you have it for 120 volts?

Задавает Alfredo Londoño Gomez на 2017-12-30 12:13:25

Gilberda Although some 120v units exist, I strongly suggest you pay an electrician to install a 220v plug under your sink. At 120v, you would end up paying a lot more for the electricity used. The electrician's fee would easily be recouped within a year. Local laws and regulations permitting you can also do this yourself if you are somewhat handy. YouTube has tons of videos on how to do this this. This is the most economical way of having hot water at point of use which means less waste and no waiting for the hot water to get from the water heater to the tap. If you have more questions on this feel free to contact me. Ta5Plus@hotmail.com

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