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Q: will this work with the DJI Mavic Air?

Задавает webmaven на 2018-05-07 02:30:00

CarpolQuirky The supplier has not tested it.

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webmaven Did you use it with the Mavic Air or Mavic Pro? I have a Mavic Air and want to use my Fatshark Goggles with a tablet. I like that this tablet is small and looks like it would fit in the controller without an adapter.

Johnny9 2018-01-26 10:13:14
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webmaven 2018-03-25 00:02:07
I had trouble at first but this was my fault. If you are using any radio that is running OpenTX you need to make sure you download the proper firmware. You need to make sure your OpenTX firmware is downloaded with the "Multimodule" You can select this by going into the OpenTX Companion software click Settings and from the drop-down click settings again. In the window select "Multimodule". Keep the dial set to 0 and only the red light should be on. Then you go to your model and change PPM to Multi then select your RX for me it was DSM. I got this setup with the Inductrix without any issues. I think that people can run into a problem when changing the radio channel order. With other modules, you needed to change the channel order for the radio in order to get the correct changes for DSM. Set your radio to "AETR" and just bind to your aircraft it maps the channels for you automatically. If you have a Quad that uses BetaFlight then you need to change the channel order for DSM "TAER" in BetaFlight not in the radio. Also note if you were using a different channel order in your radio other then "AETR" (e.g. I had my set to TAER) all models created with your old channel order will be wrong (Warning you can get a fly-away remove props). Not sure if this can be corrected in OpenTX Companion software but if not you will need to create new models and rebind. So far I am very happy with the purchase and I love that it remembers each model. I had the OrangeTX and you had to always change the settings on the module before you turned on your Aircraft. So far this is worth every penny.
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Q: What is the difference between iRangeX IRX4 plus and iRangeX IRX4?

Задавает webmaven на 2017-11-18 01:57:04

cilia IRX4 Plus add the knob,USB port and PPM mode.

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Q: what is the difference between this iRangeX IRX4 and iRangeX IRX4 Plus

Задавает webmaven на 2017-11-18 01:56:29

cilia IRX4 Plus add the knob,USB port and PPM mode.

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Q: How many channels do you get with CPPM?

Задавает webmaven на 2017-11-18 01:54:13

cilia 7 channels.

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