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Danger040 Banggood employees are the worst of the worst. It's sad because it's a Good shop. They don't pay back what they should pay back when toy have the tariff insurance and when you chat with them theybask the same question and finally say that the money is on its way but nothing comes. Fuck you all banggood workers. Lowlife people how steal from costumer. It's beyond all critic's

osama 24/02/2019
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Danger040 Yes it works. But it can lag with the light underneath, some times I can shout of the light for maybe five minutes. The other seller has better. This one is not as fast as the other seller have. With this I can only come up to 31kmh the other come to 34kmh

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Q: in Italy as a version

Задавает sumar- на 2019-03-07 06:53:54

Danger040 I bought one with Danish settings but I live in Sweden. And it don't work more than one meter and it doesn't work through walls. I had it running and placed a LG q5 phone 2 meters away and it don't effekt it at all.

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