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Q: Is there an adapter for 450mah batteries?

Задавает spink89 на 2018-12-26 07:11:49

undyah No. Use rubber band.

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aquintero thisBN-180 is compatible with inav and betaflight, connection should be as follow: 5V-TX-RX-GND vs 5V-RX-TX-GND. should be work must something in UART configuration

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BG531817571 hopefully it can Help, usw always adaptor with high voltage more than 12 v If you use paralel board, always carefull with limit voltage of M8, don't go to higher

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Q: what mm size batterystrap to fit 850mah bateries?

Задавает spink89 на 2019-04-01 11:36:31

Justapoke Stockstrap is 10x150mm but you get an extra 200mm now. 850mAh is way to big I think. Up to 750mAh 3S - 500 / 650mAh 4S if you want to keep it light.

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Q: Hi, does it work with a 3.8V 450mah battery?

Задавает DviDroN на 2018-09-16 11:56:14

spink89 Is there an adapter for 450mah batteries?

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spink89 27/01/2019
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