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bodoo69 Well, try to write e message to the store right away.

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Q: Hi, what is the warranty policy for this Aqara N200 smart lock ?

Задавает BG133614363 на 2023-01-11 12:13:30

bodoo69 Hello, i do not know, i have the entire house full of devices and sensors, from Xiaomi and Aqara, everything ok.

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Q: does it work for rust removal with the grinder?

Задавает marco94ct на 2020-05-06 08:55:28

bodoo69 the mask + filters is good, take a wile to get use to it, i recommend the one that has the glasses

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Q: This is car touch screen and it is install to honda mobilio car ?

Задавает Sachi68 на 2020-01-09 01:18:48

bodoo69 if your car has 2 din player, it fits, all you need is a mask for your car, the measures of the player are in the description.

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Q: What is the audio amplifier IC?

Задавает asiridissa на 2020-02-06 09:38:15

bodoo69 the sound is clear, no noise from the car interference

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Q: Is it possible to install any Android application, KODI for instance?

Задавает Frayer на 2020-01-28 03:45:42

bodoo69 yes if u find a kody version compatible with android installed on the device, but the player is so so so slow you will forget about it

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