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Q: Can the timer works when the wifi signal is turned off after setting it up?

Задавает hazyls на 2018-06-23 01:08:24

lssantana YesOnce the timer is set and active, it's will works, but you won't receive the notification when status change to on or off. Basically the WiFi connect is used to setting, modify and check status. If the WiFi turn off, you can use the button on Sonoff to turn on it.

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Q: can we feed the engine of a swimming pool thank you

Задавает clery974 на 2019-03-13 09:22:08

lssantana Ifthe power are below 3500w and 16A, you can use it with anything ... but is above, you can use an electric contactor to support the payload louder

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lssantana Ifthe power motor was compatible with SONOFF (at 16A and 3500W) Yes, you can use it.

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