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j397g879 Bro,this motherF is not even using the product in titled. Those images are obviosly from a smartphone.

kvsd 2019-06-28 21:20:52
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j397g879 Niggawhat? Is that a receipt from apple bees? Dude, I want my money back as bad as you do. But, gosh damn... don't be trying to get your lunch paid by the Chinese government. That's a bit too far.

BG413717438 2019-09-16 13:14:24
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Q: how to configer this device on android mobile? plz help me which app to use

Задавает Mahesha Varmudi на 2019-10-23 10:51:36

j397g879 The app files provided by Zeloxx do not work. One of them (EasyTCP_20.APK) is flagged with a virus, and the other one (EspTouch_Demo.APK) doesn't work; it wont detect the SSID. I have not been able to get these modules to work. They look like others sold by reputable electronic market places, but they are fake clones. They may have the same schematic and board layout as the reputable ones, but the logic components are different - confusing costumers to think that they can work like the reputable ones. I lost more money spending the time getting these things to work than the money worth to buy the real thing. Same goes with the "ESP-Cam" modules sold on Banggood. I wish I wouldn't had ever discovered Banggood - such a waste of time.

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wujiahui You can send specific operating procedures and screenshots below the links. https://www.banggood.com/Contact-Us_hi111

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