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Q: How do I know if its a right or left motor?

Задавает vuijkjack на 2020-12-31 10:43:39

FabMds He have no left or right brushless motor. You configure the rotate in betaflight :)

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FabMds My old goggles have same antenna as little pilot. I'm more lucky

Gary Van Balen 2019-08-22 14:36:08
These goggles are bright, light and cooler than other goggles I use, and I don't have to take them off to glance down at the ground. They also work well with my reading glasses. The on-off slide switch and the joystick for accessing the menu are handy. MY COMPLAINTS: I would give these 5-stars except the monitor has SMA-RP connectors, which are different than the half-dozen other receivers and antennas I have so I have to buy two SMA-RP to SMA adaptors (a total of $5 on Amazon without shipping). To be fair, the SMA-RP connectors are listed in the specs for these goggles and these connectors are used by others, but they apparently aren't as popular and I didn't think to check the connector specs - I assumed they would be SMA connectors and would work with my other antennas. The goggles are supplied with one dipole and one circularly-polarized antenna, which doesn't make much sense to me since the antennas on both receivers in the goggles should be the same type used on the transmitter. Since the tiny quads I intend to use these goggles with have small dipole antennas, I need two dipoles on the goggles, but none of my SMA dipoles fit, which is why I need to buy the adaptors. The image reflected in the mirrors is not rectangular, it is distorted into a "keystone" shape that can't be corrected due to the geometry of the mirrors and light path. This is almost of no consequence for FPV use. The monitor does not have a built-in battery and no battery is included, but the supplied battery connector is common and I have several two-cell LiPo batteries that use the same connector. The unit is not supplied with a battery pouch on the head strap for holding the external battery, but I had an extra pouch so this was not a problem for me. This would be a much better FPV goggle if it came with the other Little Pilot Monitor that apparently has a built-in battery and DVR.
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