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BG850185635 That'sthe beauty of this case design it's so versatile. This one has a dedicated bay for water cooling on the left hand side which will happily accept standard radiator water cooler with three 120mm fan with room to spare. On the front YES you can mount 200mm radiator with maximum height of 300mm if you are brave enough and patient enough to modify the front glass panel mount standoff you will need a longer standoff so the front glass panel will adjust for good airflow. In my case where I used an old tall CPU fan cooler I have to modify my glass panel standoff's and make them longer because I can't put back my glass panel without doing so and it still looks great. I would love to see that 200mm X 800mm water radiator on your build it would be EPIC!!!

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Q: what's the range

Задавает Syedmu на 2018-06-16 10:32:32

rAAptor Bout 1km depending of Interference and reciever

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