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Q: Can you connect a display screen to output ?

Задавает totemos на 2020-05-21 06:53:01

István Gulyás Yes....

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Q: Will this tell how many amps the load is drawing?

Задавает BG545518993 на 2020-04-28 05:29:08

István Gulyás Yes, in Ampere units in increments of 0.01 A. It also shows you the power consumed in Watts in increments of 0.01 W. The current limit is a bit blind until you go into current limit mode. To set it up to a certain current limit, disconnect the load and connect a low resistance that will draw more current than your load. You should see the voltage drop as the unit enters current limit mode. Now you can set the current limit. Disconnect the dummy load and connect your load. In short, all three values - voltage, current, and power - represent what is happening at the terminals at all times. Bear in mind that a good multi-meter updates faster than this unit. The update rate is a bit slow to my liking, maybe just faster than one refresh per second.

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István Gulyás 26/03/2020
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