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BG363345144 10/08/2022
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Q: this keyboard works with iphone?

Задавает BG565618381 на 2022-04-24 07:23:00

BG363345144 itworks with ipad, thus it should work with iphone too

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rodsquires743 wl toys would like you to use a 7.4 lipo but you can use a nimh you cant get this voltage with a nimh you will have to go smaller or bigger with a niah the only problem when you go bigger it might not fit in the buggie and your right about the ecu the upper end buggies have this option but i sure this one does not and one more thing you might have to change you battery end to a deans plug in if you use a niah; these battery are alright they just dont hold a charge like a lipo battery does

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