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Beaver_XT The 4-in-1 has more receiver compatibility. For example you can bind it directly to Mini-Z (the FHSS with white antenna), WLtoys K989, K969, 284010, 284131, SNT micro cars, Flysky AFHDS and AFHDS 2A receiver, Radiolink and DumboRC receivers, etc. ELRS version only supports ELRS receivers, which are many to choose from. But you are limited to the ELRS protocol. Unless of course you install a 4-in-1 module to the transmitter. You can also install ELRS module on 4-in-1 too so basically just choose which one you will use the most.

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Beaver_XT 29/12/2023
Fantastic transmitter but complicated to use for a beginner. Also do you have time to read 3 manuals just to get it working? If so then this is everything you will ever need. The 2 boxes on the default screen are the throttle and steering indicators. They look cute but not useful especially with this screen refresh rate. It runs on EdgeTX which is a very powerful OS. Perhaps too powerful because you will need to read and watch quite a few manuals and tutorials to get it working as you want. I got the ELRS version. It comes out of the box with 50Hz data rate so it takes a very long time to connect to the receiver. This is adjustable so put it to 1000Mhz and you'll have the fastest connection and lowest latency. You will loose a bit of range but you won't be using all of it anyway. Also don't forget to change the PWM output frequency to match your servo as well. Otherwise if you use a digital servo and it's stuck at 50Hz, it's noticeably slow. Once I got everything sorted out it feels as fast as Noble NB4. Filmed the response time on 240FPS and it got the same result as NB4 too, 5 frames from wheel movement to servo movement. Out of the box, CH1 is throttle and CH2 is steering. This is not ideal but still not a problem though. You just need to either plug the components into different ports or change the output in the EdgeTX operating system. You can also add a module at the top. It's been years since a ground transmitter has this expansion ability. Highly recommended! But only if you have enough patience.
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Beaver_XT The 4-in-1 multiprotocol version supports many protocols (receivers). For example you can bind it directly to Flysky AFHDS, AFHDS 2A, Radiolink, DumboRC receivers or you can also bind it to WLtoys cars, Mini-Z cars with FHSS protocols, etc. This version comes with 5 channel receiver called R85C. It's a receiver with FrSky D8 and Futaba S-FHSS protocol. More protocols are available, search for pascallanger DIY-Multiprotocol-TX-Module to see if there's anything you use. The ELRS version is the ExpressLRS version which is an opensource project. It boasts the latest and greatest communication technology with ultra low latency (rapid response, I tested mine and it's about the same as Noble NB4), long range, good penetration (basically for FPV flyers) with fast support or troubleshoot from opensource community. The receivers are widely available from different manufactures that make drone receivers.

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