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Q: Does NVR make loop recording?

Задавает BG159361911 на 2021-11-13 07:54:16

MacGyver yes, loops recording to beginning and re-writes new data. OR you can stop recording when HDD is full (menu option). DVR unit does NOT have HDD installed.

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MacGyver i have the same WD purple hdd.. and i get the same issue.. motion detection isn't always sensitive and the playback stops early (or doesn't detect movement from a distance at night). most of the time it works well. PTZ camera works a little better than bullet camera. i dont know how to resolve this.

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Q: does it have heating issue?

Задавает NileshPatil на 2021-09-18 03:36:53

MacGyver no. no major heat issues. it gets warm but not hot. i have it sitting ontop of my shelf with free air flow. it is silent, there is no fan. i still use it, and it works very well for YuTube, Ntflix, Sptify etc

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MacGyver yes. i do not use ethernet or wifi internet, just standalone. you may see a small warning icon in the bottom left corner when there is no internet. unit works fine without internet.. you can use usb to upgrade backup.

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Q: is it sharp

Задавает 786PEEYUSH на 2018-01-01 10:14:27

MacGyver very sharp. very precise. cuts perfect on small diameter wire.

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Q: Ma è un orologio con una sorta di teaser?!?

Задавает Kanux39 на 2021-04-06 02:37:04

MacGyver its NOT a tazer taser. its test equipment for seeing high voltage dangers. look up Voltage Detector

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