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Q: will this remote work with my 9225 hosim truck .

Задавает BG114816383 на 2020-04-28 00:51:52

RC_Walker If you talking about that 1:87 RC Bus, than im sad to disapoint you, you can not make this working in the model. the reciver requires a battery pack with atleast 4 Cells (4,8V) to work a decent batter... Просмотреть более

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RC_Walker all brushed motors with up to 6-7 Ampere curent under load so mostly FF130/180/ 230 to 280 ... size and type depend on your Boat

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RC_Walker the brake is to slow down the car before hit reverse it also reduce the stress that would be caused when turning from running forward and hit reverse without stopping before

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Q: Is it possible to disable the brake function, for use on a tank?

Задавает noskov711 на 2018-02-09 20:43:40

RC_Walker yes it is. there is a little Switch on the controler that alow you to switch on or off the brake-function.

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Q: it it compatible with flysky 4 channel (FS-i4) transmitter n receiver?

Задавает Kevin V на 2018-06-01 06:44:11

RC_Walker this unit is compatible with all common Reciver and Transmitters, i use them in my WPL Models with Carson and Reely Transmitter its auto calibrating and adjust at each time you start up

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