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BG901672148 25/02/2022
Product arrived yesterday, it seees to work well except for one thing: I connect it with a 100W 12V solar panel and it works just if the solar panel is not at the sunlight (input Watt from 2 to 5 so not enouth to charge the battery), if it's exposed to the sun the charge stops, I think there is a safety block but in this way it's not possible to charge with the solar panel. Is it something to fix?
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  • alfon yo estoy a la espera de recibirla y me preocupa también.
    has verificado que la conexión del panel sea buena(positivo con positivo y negativo con negativo?)
    has revisado el voltaje que entrega la placa? se detiene el generador? o se detiene la carga?

    Ответить 04/04/2022
  • jean888 the solar panel must not exceed 30 V..or less (ideal 18 to 24 Volts)

    Ответить 05/09/2022
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