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  • bushboy
    2017-10-30 12:09:46

    Probably the best unit for the money I've used so far I particularly like the packaging of GPS on mount.. I'd like to see an independant rear mounted camera as a option.

  • sahika
    2019-05-23 14:20:49

    görüntü kalitesi çok iyi. çince dili kısa bir int araştırması ile 30 saniyelik bit işlemle ingilizceye çevirdim. en az 16gb kartla çalışıyor. henüz uyku modunda nasıl çektiğini bilmiyoeum. inşallah bilmeme de gerek kalmaz :)

  • PV69
    2018-04-05 00:28:59

    The camera works great, I only ordered with an integrated GPS and got it with a GPS with a cable. I did not want to have another cable in my car, unfortunately I do. As a compensation, the merchant has added a part of the price back to my account. So even satisfaction. I certainly recommend.

  • pascal
    2017-02-12 10:46:00

    Il n'existe pas de menu de programmation de version en Français. Ors dans le livret "user manual", il est annoncé que dans les options de langue il y a le Français (French). Ceci est un énorme handicape pour une utilisation optimisée.

  • Moma
    2019-03-17 11:45:20

    Alles Super DANKE !!!!!!

  • 2018-05-14 23:31:28

    1. The rubber vacuum thing won't stick to the windshield even with cleaning it with alcohol and water. 2. The GPS sensor has a 2 meter cable! I'm running meters of cables on my dash now... the power cable is even longer. I don't know where to hide it all. 3. The card is advertised as being formated with FAT and files being AVI but all I can see is a part of the partition and an "X2Player.exe" file which I am NOT going to touch! Where are my AVI files? 4. The camera stoped working after 2 days requesting

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