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  • 08/08/2016

    Them ball bearing upgrade made it more faster for sure. Not too happy about the screws on the hinges though, as you CANT tighten them too much coz it will lock up the suspension system... but when you dont tighten them much, the screws tend to come off just from vibrations. After I have installed all these upgrades on my A979 truck, I tested off the floor. It definitely made it run smoother, but after a few good seconds of testing, I keep finding screws on my table that had came off from arms that connects to the wheels n so on... now I need something to keep the screws from coming off from the car. Maybe wrap a tiny rubber band on the screws then give it a lil hand tight twist as it can act like a lock nut or something... any suggestions from people out there???

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  • 14/10/2016

    I also upgraded my system to brushless,now its more durable and well fitted.Just one of the wheel hub didnt fit so i uesd the original one, it is also metal

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  • 15/11/2019

    As advertised and looks great. Quality upgrades for your RC. I reccomend.. Thanks banggood

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  • 08/08/2021

    Большой мало модернизирован на wiltoys a959/b багги я все еще жду шасси, чтобы пойти с ним, и купили еще много для моего a979 b этот комплект подходит так же, как и 👌

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  • 30/10/2016

    Пришлось пересверлить вал и переставить шплинт на 1,5 мм дальше, так как шестерня вала задевала раму и корпус крышки. Подточил вал под шестерни редуктора моста не заходили до конца. Все шурупы нужно содить на резьбофиксатор. Не хвотило пары шурупов.

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  • 22/09/2016

    Some parts did not fit without some modifications, others were unfinished: The central driving shaft did not fit in the differential gear, had to use a file to remove some material from the shaft. One of the shock absorber boards did not have screw thread in the upper 4 holes (where the shock absorbers connect), so I had to use the original one. The steering linkage has quite some wobble where it connects to the base of the car, causing imperfect steering. Other than that, it is a pretty nice upgrade.

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  • 27/09/2017

    Very sturdy better steering more control. Not hard to install...it seems like it would be. But if you strip down the car then start with the drive train everything seems to fall into place. Just need to move a couple of parts for the springs and control arms (lower them) or the car will sit flat instead of being off the ground where you want it.

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  • 30/09/2016

    Most parts were OK - with one exceptions ie. rear suspension part was not threaded - so I cannot use it. Hopefully it will be stronger than the stock plastic parts - as I managed to break the original plastic front suspension one my first drive. BG have been very slow responding to my request for a replacement rear suspension part ie. 3 weeks and counting.... PRO TIP: Don't install the full length metal bar without swapping out the shaft and main gear - as the metal part has less clearance. This meant that I ended up locking the plastic gear in place and when I applied throttle the motor couldn't spin - but the power came on and I fried the ESC module : / Entirely my fault - but something to watch out for.

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  • 07/02/2021

    хорошие вещи и быстро нет проблем я счастлив!!!! Я готов подключить все лол 😄😄😄😄

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  • 15/07/2019

    passt sehr gut ....schrauben mit schraubensicherung fest ziehen !

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