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  • May-07 2020 13:34:30

    Great little plane! Powerfull and agile, can be flown in small areas, but it can get fast as well. In Expert mode wind is more a problem, surprisingly stable in Mid-mode, even in unsteady winds. Long battery duration. There are ailerons prepared and spaces for accordant servos, when will we get the 4ch version, please? Thanks for this little plane!

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  • January-09 2020 15:56:28

    This is my first rc plane and I’m very impressed. Very easy to fly with the gyro set correctly, and challenging in expert mode. can do loops in intermediate mode but I don’t think it can do barrel rolls. Perfect for a beginner. Easy to fly and can handle light winds. It also survived some big crashes with no damage so seems very durable. Looks like it could be upgraded to add ailerons and make it a 4 channel plane.

  • December-21 2019 04:23:56

    il peut voler en indoor mais un peu rapide! pas pour débuter!

  • November-03 2020 11:40:53

    sehr schnelle Lieferung, 2 Werktage

  • AgroAde
    May-22 2020 01:38:23

    looks great, well packed, spare prop included. cant wait to try it

  • September-04 2020 10:00:08

    Crazy how much Tech fits in such a small plane. Easy to fly, nice look, durable. Could not be better! p.s. Banana for scale ;)

  • June-30 2017 10:55:36

    great for beginners!!!. what makes it difficult in this hobby is the fear of crashing resulting to the airplane damaged beyond repair. this airplane being small and very light in weight can handle crashes and is virtually indestructible it makes you confident and fly free with the fear and shortens your learning curve. arrived with a bent wing tip but a mug full of hot water worked like magic

  • July-01 2019 13:48:59

    Шустрый малый! Сделан из пенопласта, очень лёгкий и устойчив к повреждениям от ударов. Пропеллер дует как вентилятор. Порадовал встроенный и отключаемый гироскоп (актуально для начинающих). Зарядка аккумулятора от usb в пределах часа, время полёта минут двадцать. Брал в подарок

  • February-21 2019 06:45:40

    В качестве первого самолета просто волшебно. Летает как привязанный. Можно отключить стабилизацию. Шел больше месяца,долго,наверное из-за китайского нового года. Коробку стукнули на почте в двух местах, но самолет целый,внутри грамотно упакован в пенопласт. Доволен.

  • May-06 2019 13:37:01

    great little plane to learn on I've never flown before and i had no problem getting it to fly. down side's is you have to be careful when adjusting the control rods i acidently broke one probably my fault but an easy fix with super glue. and i would suggest getting an extra battery if you can so you can spend more time flying.


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