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  • 05/07/2017

    Both board and display are quite nice. What I really like is that this board have replaceable chip, so you can use ti to program ATmega 328 chips: https://goo.gl/n3VbEX

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  • 01/11/2015

    After 4 weeks i finally had my hands on this product. But it was not easy to let it work. So found the good driver!! When you know the driver you can easily let it work. For me i found it after 2 days. So this have i done. At the back on my module stand with black marker 68090 it seem to stand for the diver RM68090 but under that name you can not found it. So after hard google. i found on another site that the RM68090 is similar on the ILI9325 so when you get the unkown driver error try this one. And change the code to: if(identifier == 0x9325) { Serial.println(F("Found ILI9325 LCD driver")); } else if(identifier == 0x9328) { Serial.println(F("Found ILI9328 LCD driver")); } else if(identifier == 0x7575) { Serial.println(F("Found HX8347G LCD driver")); } else if(identifier == 0x9341) { Serial.println(F("Found ILI9341 LCD driver")); } else if(identifier == 0x8357) { Serial.println(F("Found HX8357D LCD driver")); } else { Serial.print(F("Unknown LCD driver chip: ")); Serial.println(identifier, HEX); identifier = 0x9325; } And download the normal library from adafruit link: https://github.com/adafruit/TFTLCD-Library And maybe you must rotate the lcd for the correct touch. And mirror it. Rotate can be with comment: tft.setRotation(1) And mirror i had do with the follow: p.x = map(p.x, TS_MINX, TS_MAXX, 240, 0);//default is (240, 0) [default puts touch cord. 0=x/y upper right. p.y = map(p.y, TS_MINY, TS_MAXY, 0, 320);//default is (320, 0) [I change these cause i like 0=xy bottom left. I switch the 0 , 240 to 240 ,0 for it. Enjoy this nice product i upload a picture later.

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