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Urbano 13/12/2021
I was curious to try a 24 holes model and ordered one $13.99. Now the price is down to $9.99 and I will order some more as gifts for younger relatives. I have a music degree in brass performance but I have played harmonicas for fun for over fifty years and I have owned several chromatic ones. This particular harmonica is a pleasant surprise and it arrived from China to the US in just a week or so. Packaging was adequate. The cover plates are basic and formed by a simple pressing process which leaves some wrinkles (I knew about this, it is visible in the pictures) but they are serviceable and do not have sharp edges that could cut fingers. Other than that the instrument is just fine. The sliding metal plate is perhaps on the thin side and could get bent at the button if treated roughly, but just be careful as you should be with every musical instrument. The harmonica I got is in tune and plays well in all ranges. Surprisingly well and fun, given the price. Lowest notes which could be problematic are centered and responsive. Hard to tell how long the reeds will last and stay in tune, but that depends on usage and care taken; also expensive instruments deteriorate with time. The plastic construction should be durable. The mouth plate, being plastic, may offer a little more friction than metal plates but it is not bad once one gets used to it. This 24 hole model will suit particularly well players who practice the "pucker" style, in which case the larger space, between holes responding to the same air flow direction, will provide more control keeping also the lip muscles more relaxed. While you should not expect the quality and features of a professional instrument, the price is unbelievable for what you get. And If you are only a casual harmonica player this one may just become your favorite instrument.
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