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  • 03/10/2017

    well got my new skyhunter v2 today first it's not really a v2 because the plane is identical to the previous version there are slight changes same plane except it comes with nicer stickers and a color manual and carbon fiber wing reinforcements instead of the glass fiber saying all this you should still buy one this is an amazing plane with the right setup i traveled 6.4 km good job BG on this plane glad to see it back

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  • 13/10/2019

    If your interested in having a go at mid to long range this might be the aircraft for you. Running mine on a sunnysky 1250kv motor with an apc 9.6 on 4s lipos getting around 25mins flight time. I have fitted with the tower pro 9g metal gear servos, mateksys f411wing running Inav and a pan and tilt system with a go pro session on it for hd. For the price you can't go wrong maybe not a first fpv aircraft as standard it's a little fragile. Laminate helps....

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  • 27/02/2018

    once again shipping was fast package arrived in one piece no damages .. great plane assembles fairly easy flys very well i love this model

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  • 25/03/2021

    Прибыли сегодня, собрались сегодня. Его мой 4-й мини небесный охотник за годами, и мой 2-й v2. Никогда не терял один только перешел, как 1, как правило, для меня в год и охватывает более 1500 км чистого оскорбительного полета.. Установка 5-ые липо Мотор 3530 1500 кВ 70 д-люкс, способные производить 90а пачек 8x6 опора Запускаю Инав. Я направляюсь на скорости более 110 миль/ч с этим и довольно эффективная крейсерская скорость 60-70 миль/ч

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  • 07/03/2018

    well i bought another one .. love this plane .. easy to assemble great flyer! i found some original skyhunter stickers both v1 and v2 stickers are nice just wanted to switch it up

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  • 04/01/2018

    My Mini Sky Hunter arrived from a US warehouse, in record time, complete and undamaged. The build was very easy, and took only about 5 hours time. One problem that I see, is that the servos are glued directly into the wings and stabilizer- they should have a plastic holder that the servos are screwed into that are glued in, just in case of a servo failure. No flight time yet, waiting on some electronic parts.

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  • 19/12/2017

    Nice plane for FPV. I was flying Micro Skyhunter before and now upgraded to mini. It has a big fuselage with a lot of place for FPV equipement. The box was a little bended during the transportation, but the model inside looks ok.

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  • 26/05/2020

    ехал в Калугу чуть больше месяца. Все целое и на месте.В комплект бонусом положили маленькую копию скайхантера из фанерки в качестве сувенира. Большое спасибо.

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  • shawnz

    The box arrived ahead of schedule with about a 3" hole in the side where it looks like another box was dropped on it and the corner went through the side of the box. Luckily it just missed the trailing edge of the wing and all was fine with the kit. The instructions are for a plug-n-play version so you're kind of on your own to sort out the finer details. It isn't anything you can't figure out, its just that the instructions start with an half assembled model where this is the kit where you need to put together all of the sub-assemblies and figure it all out. My only surprise with the model is it's smaller than it looks!

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  • 28/11/2018

    It's beautiful I had at smaller, but this is great so far I have stuffed the 4S 2200 and it flies beautifully.

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