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Часть обзора переведена автоматически.

  • 19/01/2019

    It works as directed!! easy install!! Great price!!

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  • 06/05/2018

    Хороший, недорогой регулятор. Но с одним косяком- перепутаны выводы моторов 3 и 4. Брался для квадрокоптера на Inav. Недосмотрел при подключении моторов и контроллера. В итоге не мог понять долго почему квадрокоптер при попытке взлета закручивает по спирали и в землю. Это реальный косяк производителя. Чуть не убил квадрокоптер.

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  • 21/03/2018

    Works really well, and nice and clean. If you don't want to swap the motors 3 and 4 (because those ESC came with the 3 and 4 swapped compared to the normal quadcopter order), change the resources with the "resource" command! Here is a video with the tutorial: https://youtu.be/z5aO-3_n-Hs Really recommend to do that! Makes it so cleaner!

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  • 31/08/2018

    Регулятор blheli_s. Рассчитан на питание от батареи 2s-4s. Занимает меньше места - этим и привлекает к использованию. Испытания покажут качество исполнения. На фотографиях показана инструкция, но она не дает вариантов подключения.

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  • 19/08/2018

    No smoke while the first time coneting to lipo, it beeps and it powers up but i can not realy say much more at this point, since i m still waiting for my recever. How ever i noticed that in order to match the betaflight motor-layout: i had to mount the esc upside-down and also ccrosswire motor 2 and 1 as seen on the fotos (Rear wire on esc to front motor and vice versa). you could also just wire every motor from the esc to the eqvivalent betafligt motor nr. Fingers crossed, i hope it will perform well and last a while. So, now i cant wait to finaly solder down the reciver and fly it.

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  • 15/02/2018

    This ESC allows light and clean assemblies. This is the version with 24 MHz BB1 processors that only supports DSHOT300 but for me it is enough. I have used it in several previous assemblies and I am happy with it. The advantage is that it has a lot of additional cables and two connectors with high quality silicone threads to connect to the FC

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  • 11/02/2018

    Easy to wire. The wrapping obstructed the mounting holes a bit and made it a little hard to mount. If you're worried about ESCs burning out it'd probably be better to get 4 individual ESCs instead. 20A is probably good for a 5" quad but if you want to be extra safe get a higher amp rating like 30A.

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  • 24/11/2016

    Отличный ESC с поддержкой Multishot и Oneshot. Под термоусадкой плата какая-то грязная, но это не главное.

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  • 25/08/2016

    Put this on my line-of-sight lightweight acro quad. Teamed up with Skyline32 running cleanflight. It set up easily with Bl-heliSuite through cleanflight passthrough. Had to get creative with motor numbers connecting with the JST style plugs. Happy with the performance so far. I used the Diotone mini BEC to power FC and receiver, you only need + lead as the black wire coming from esc is connected to ground the red seems to be doing nothing, perhaps It will have a intergrated BEC in version 2?

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  • 16/06/2020

    Как обычно, очень рад получить мою посылку в безупречном состоянии с bangood упаковки продукт доставляется и с прокладкой самый красивый из разъемов, которые идут с ним и верхней части это уведомление, которое идет с

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