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BG183245735 11/06/2019
EXCELLENT VALUE!! I used this combo to convert my Hyper 7 to brushless. On 4s lipo with a 16t pinion the top speed is 44mph as seen in the photo. Motor temps are around 130 deg F and esc stays very cool. I used an Integy Hyper 8 brushless conversion kit which I had to slightly modify by drilling additional holes and enlarging the bearing carriers to get to fit the Hyper 7. If I have problems with the motor, I'll try the slightly longer 4076 as there is plenty of room in the Hyper 7. I've only had it for less than a week but so far, I couldnt be more pleased with the price and performance. Also, I believe shipping took around a week. I highly recommended this combo for 1/8 scale 4x4 buggies!!
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  • BG254434141 Great info thanx. I've got a Hyper 7 i want to convert and have a question i can't get an answer for...What body fits the hyper 7?

    Ответить 18/01/2022
  • BG401845525 looking at doing this conversion to a hyper 7 also.
    how has this motor performed so far in your experience?

    Ответить 16/02/2022
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