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  • May-11 2018 21:13:22

    It's stylish and thin. I bought a 606090 battery to fit it for about $9.00 US from another site. I tested the battery, the light panel and solar panel which is when I found that the solar panel was defective. I soldered leads to it, connected it to a meter and held it to a very (very) bright light and it didn't show any voltage at all. I de-soldered it and resoldered it to the other two pads on the panel with the same result. Big Clive takes things like this apart on YouTube and offers reviews and he did an almost identical unit with a similar Solar Panel finding fault with it because it's so thin and readily cracked. In my case it must have cracked during shipping or prior to it - OR, it was defective before it was released. I sent my result to the customer service dept but more on that later. I went ahead and assembled the unit without connecting the solar panel and tested it. The LED and the LED panel work just fine. The charging circuitry seems to work just fine. The single LED seems to be on the violet scale, useful for illuminating fluorescent paint or perhaps stains in a hotel. I like it and another power bank kit I have from China has that same feature. It's cool. The USB ports on the device seem to drop to roughly 4.9 volts and each delivers up to 1.2 amps or so when trying to charge my phone. It's adequate and for the price, it's just fine. Customer service doesn't necessarily live up to the western expectations we have with Amaz.. or Eb.. but I try to keep in mind that we're dealing with a company that ships to probably more than a dozen countries with at least as many languages. That's gotta be tough, especially with the prices. When there is a customer service issue as noted above, they request UPC and shipping labels in a photo and also, "kindly" request a video be made describing the problem. If they had to hire 2000 translators with a technical background, the prices of this stuff would double at LEAST. It's a nice little kit and works pretty well. The solar panel in this would be neato but it is definitely not a deal breaker and spending 2 hours taking it back apart to document the malfunction, video tape it and post it isn't worth it for Banggood or for me.

  • ianVIP4
    February-12 2019 04:07:50

    Produto ótimo!! Chegou em menos de 3 semanas aqui no RJ!! Ótimo para quem gosta de eletrônica. Só um aviso que ele vem desmontado e você precisa soldar e montar ele, mas nada complicado, dá pra montar em uns 10 minutos! Pode comprar sem medo!!

  • October-22 2019 23:39:03

    This solar powered battery charger looks good. I just need to put it together.

  • March-20 2018 07:50:46

    الجهاز لا يعمل وليس مركب ولا يوجد اي كتيب تركيب تجربة سيءة

  • April-16 2018 07:19:39

    I purchased this for my granddaughter but when it finally turned up it was in pieces so I emailed the company only to be told that this item was “self assembly” and to make matters worse there was no diagram as to how to do this plus advert on website does not mention this “self assembly”. TOTAL SCAM.....

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  • February-27 2018 10:42:40

    I built a different power bank kit from banggood recently and it's big panel of LED s didn't come on at all. This one shows how things even out, as its LED panel couldn't be turned off. I tried every push of button I culd think of (another reminder of how even basic instructions would be nice to have with these kits) and checked all my connections. Must be a firmware or other issue? I installed a slide switch so I could turn it off. Other than that issue, it works fine. These kits need just a little more thought put into them and they'd be great. As it is, unless one is very creative it's difficult to see how the average person will enjoy success with building them.

  • June-25 2018 12:25:34

    produit interessant et bien emballer à l'envoie ne contient pas de cable pour le recharger ni de notice il n'est pas dans sa boîte et il est dommage qu'on doit le monter soit meme à la réception ce qui a été mon cas

  • August-18 2019 20:36:44

    es lo esperado aunque el tamaño es un poco menor de lo que aparenta pero es culpa mía por no leer con detenimiento a pesar de eso es lo que se promociona.

  • March-09 2018 10:17:37

    este producto si me llego dentro del periodo esperado aunque no era el producto que pensaba pero fue mas cuestion de no haber leido detenidamente lo que se ofrecia gracias

  • October-01 2019 14:05:59

    El producto es bueno. Admite baterías algo más grandes de cualquier teléfono móvil como por ej. 5.000mah


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