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Jerry 2020-01-16 14:50:09
7W laser kit was packaged well. I have included pictures of package and my assembly of it. The kit had included parts and tools shown. The included wrench was provided to tighten the 4 mounting nuts. The Allen wrench will be handy as I had also bought a less power laser (3.5W) that I can swap in for art work. I read possibly the stronger 7W could be perhaps too hot and burn a deeper image. When I get to use both laser 3.5W/7W, I will then know this approach has merit. It should work fine. I am also looking forward to using GRBL gcode from CAD system. The NEJE native software worked well on my small NEJE laser I bought months ago. It lacks an offline feature to print without PC. I was hoping my GRBL offline controller will give me this independence to print/engrave offline from pc.
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