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  • 01/07/2021

    Я получил легальный, в оригинальной упаковке, неповрежденный, Nitecore UMS4 Smart Charger. В точности, как и предполагалось. Именно этого я и ожидал. Работает хорошо, и я очень счастлив. Потребовалось 10 дней, чтобы прибыть.

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  • 04/04/2022

    рекомендованный продавец

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  • 04/02/2019

    I bought the nitecore UMS4.I live in France. I was afraid it was a fake. I used these 2 methods to identify a real fake: https://www.nitecore.co.uk/Blog/Post/16-identification-guide-for-nitecore-charger-users.htm " Place the magnet on the metal surface (battery positive pole contact points or slides in the slots) of the charger. A legitimate Nitecore charger does not attract the magnet, while a counterfeit charger does the opposite. " -and i confirm that my magnet was not attracted at all by the positive pole, thank you banggood for your seriousness! but to be really convinced of an authentic i made the 2nd method: Disassemble it.It is very easy :) -and i was really reassured to see the 2 capacitors with write on : NiteCore! I post my photos, i think the rest of the components are authentic too thank you banggood I recommend !😛😛😛 sorry for the poor quality of my photos

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  • 10/02/2019

    The charger is well designed, multi functional and supports wide range of batteries. It displays live relevant battery and charging information including Equivalent-series-resistance, indicating battery health. The build quality is very good, the buttons tactile feedback is definitive and the menu settings of each battery can be accessed and set with ease, very intuative.

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  • 08/02/2019

    Positive +Really fast charging for one battery, upp to 3amp. If using a "Quick Charge" compatible vall adapter + Possible to adujust the loading current idividually for each slott down to 300 mAh + Well made, nice looks and finish + Takes also the new 21700 battery size, compact form considering that + Extensive display showing about everyting you want to knew during the loading process Negative - No power bank function included - Small batterys have somtimes to be moved arround a little

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  • 10/03/2021

    Это мой второй блок UMS4. Очень хорошо. Мне нравится быстрый заряд. Можно заряжать мои 21700 х 4 батареи на 2000 мАч каждый до 4,3 В.

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  • 11/09/2019

    Very good product. Like it because now I can charge my extra long 21700 with protected circuit which got an extra length due to the circuit board. Believe it or not there is still space left.

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  • 15/11/2019

    I had to wait a week just for shipping. 11 days for deliveries. Good product with lots of information on the display

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  • 29/10/2019

    Excelente carregador! Grande número de informações no display. Garantia de vida longa às suas baterias. Também suporta baterias 21700.

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  • 27/02/2019

    Very good and original NITECORE UM4 battery charger. There is a validation code on the box. Thanks BANGGOOD

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