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Soulreader 02/02/2021
A really unique, old style, multi-function biker hat (or maybe an old school football helmet like the Three Stooges once wore, hehe), that's fashionably made with real leather to help keep your brain container warm on the ride, prevent scalp bugs, help protect your noggin from the dreaded road rash, and at the same time enabling you to carry something small (pack of non-filtered Lucky's or a little black book maybe?) in the trendy, zippered ear pockets. Whatever you decide to stash there, it's probably best to fill both pockets with it or you'll risk looking even more unbalanced than you already do (hehe). In truth, the only thing missing on this chin strapped head harness is a little propeller on top that spins in the wind (hehe). Great job bringing this beasty bonnet back to bikers, Banggood!
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