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  • 04/06/2019

    User manual is detailed and very well written. It even has informations and health effects of electromagnetic radiation. The device has decent build quality. I tested the Mustool MT525 meter on various devices such as fan, usb and AC power extension cables, power line (outdoors) and smartphones. The resuilt measurements are reliable.

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  • 02/06/2018

    One of most important tools you can have, for safety, in can know where are the danger at, it also can detect interference when troubleshooting computer network problems. Good quality, average plastic body, but very accurate, work with AAA batteries, i use rechargeable batteries, Have background illumination. I really recommend this tool, excellent price!

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  • 03/10/2019

    Thanks to the benggood store for the excellent MUSTOL MT525 tester of electrical and electromagnetic radiation. This is safety for my life and people close to me. Here is my YouTube video about how many useful things I learned using this device https://youtu.be/ndOukYWPhhk

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  • 03/03/2019

    The device is very sensitive. I tested it in the office, in the industry and near a smartphone antenna. I compared it to a professional device and it showed exactly the same values. Just fantastic!! I'm very satisfied

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  • 09/08/2019

    Good tool for measure electromagnetic and magnetic fields

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  • 24/04/2018

    tres bon produit

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  • 04/01/2021

    Я проверил его, и он хорош. Спасибо. Это Руководство. Посмотри на фотографии.

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  • 25/08/2020

    Хороший продукт, хорошая цена

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  • 30/05/2018

    i bought this as a bit of a joke. i have very expensive versions of this device and thought it can't possibly work. tested when arrived on calibrated rf and magnetic sources. this thing measured within 15% on both magnetic, ( micro teslas) and rf, ( Vm) very impressed thank you

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  • 03/09/2019

    Nice, practical, useful with compact dimensions. It detects electromagnetic radiations without difficulty (both, the electric field in V / m and the magnetic field in uTesla). I took accurate measurements with my Tesla coil and with my smartphone. The data obtained was precise and as I expected. I recommend it.

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