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steve 11/03/2021
I like this product. It arrived very quickly (to Canada within 2 weeks) and was in perfect shipping order. As observed by others, the USB plug is extremely hard to attach to the device, but is doable, after some pushing... It's interesting that the unit draws about 0.5A in standby (USB plugged in with the device OFF); I guess it's charging the internal battery. It draws a little over 1A when turned ON (no light). I haven't tried it, but I suspect that if the device is attached to a computer via the USB, the computer may not provide enough juice to power it. Also, it doesn't look like the magnification is 1200x; 100x is more likely- which is still fine with me. Overall, I like the product, am very happy with it so far, and for the price I paid, highly recommend it!
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