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BISWAJITROY 08/11/2018
This pocket saxophone or xaphoon is very nice. Though I have not test the tuning of it yet but its appearance is nice as described. The processing of order was very fast and I was pleased to see that there was clear , time to time shipping information in my order status. So it was easy and interesting to me to know when it departed from china and reached to my country airport and underwent customs clearance and then released by custom and at the final step I got the message before delivery. I play flute but I am going to play it for the first time. So I can share my playing experience later on . I am a first time buyer of Banggood but my first experience with first item is just nice and pleasing. I got the item in okay condition, however, the zipper of the chain of the bag has been damaged fully. Though it is not a big problem at all.
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