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  • 04/04/2021

    Голубое покрытие на печатной пластине не длится долго, но хорошо для практики. С более жестких пружин и крыла гайки под нажимной пластиной, нагревательный ящик для барабана нити накала и магнитной пластины для удаления объектов (это мой второй A5) он работает отлично. Однако покрытие стеклянной пластины отключилось.

  • 27/08/2019

    I bought with direct mail and bangood refound all custom fee thanks. Rh z rod not in position when open box. yazıcı yi gümrük garantisi ile aldım gümrüğe geldikten sonra PTT den gümrük işlemlerinin tamamlanmasi için ödeme bilgileri istendi.ben gümrük ücretlerini bangood dan talep edeceğim için gümrüğe kendim gittim. bangood a sadece ödeme dekontlarini gönderdim fakat gümrük memurunun doldurduğu ödeme dekontunun kopyasını almamistim ve bangood o evragida istedi ve ikna etmek hayli güç oldu. tavsiyem gümrük vergisini ödemeden tüm evrakların kopyasını mutlaka alın. bangood ödediğim 453 TL lik gümrük vergisini geri ödedi.

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  • 08/05/2018

    This printer is very good value for the money. It prints well out of the box, has a good user interface and responsive touch screen, and a solid frame. The filament stop sensor works fine. I have used it several times to change filament when a spool runs out. I have not had a chance to test the power loss function. I have printed almost non stop with the printer since it arrived on 13.04.2018. Some reviews point out that it has an old Marlin firmware which does not home the Z-axis slowly on the second tap. This one is improved. It first homes Z quickly and then homes slower for the final measurement. There's one bug in the firmware. Sometime when I want to change filament it either doesn't pull the filament out or doesn't pull it in. This has happened a couple of times. Nothing happens and the extruder just sits there without spinning, but the progress bar moves as if it's running the motor. It works the next time I try. Mine arrived with slight shipping damage. The adjustment screw in one corner of the bed had broken loose so I had to glue it to the bed, but it has held up fine. IT does not affect the leveling, and the printer prints straight in all angles. The X-belt was a little loose, which caused the printer to skip a couple of times before I fixed it by installing a belt spring. Also, the X-pulley has slight wobble, which I think is the reason why the belt was adjuster so loose. It would be binding if it was tighter without a spring to take up the slack. The hot end cooling fan starter howling when I turned the printer on a couple of days ago so the bearings are probably shot. It should last much longer than a few weeks of printing. Minor problems for me. I bought the printer to make a big EDF jet model. I attached some photos of the prototype jet being printed.

  • 11/03/2018

    Colis arrivé en 12 jours à la Réunion. Attention taxe de douane à prévoir 45 €, colis livré par DHL ( Shipping Service). État visuel du colis à l'arrivée carton d'emballage assez abimé mais le contenu intact. Tout le nesséssaire est fournis dans le colis pour le montage le nivellement. Le montage de l'imprimant est rapide 10 minutes, le réglage du nivellement est un peu plus écorces. Le logiciel ( J.Creat ) fourni sur la clé USB est inutilisable fichier corrompu. J'ai pour ma part utilisé à simplify 3 D, et avec l'aide de vidéo Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kod43XFmo3g. pour les paramétrages, et le résultat est celui des photos que vous voyez imprimé en 0.2 mm. Résultat très bon avec le filament PLA fournis. Très satisfait de cette imprimante. Je précise que c'est ma première imprimante 3 D, et ma première expérience en impression 3 D. Bonne impression à tous.

  • 24/03/2018

    This printer looks fantastic. It arrived by DHL in good shape with no damage and rather quickly to Canada. The shipping on my order was also free. Awesome. A few minor aspects when unboxing were a missing print head shroud screw and one of the bed levelling knobs was inside the main housing and a European power cord. All easily addressed. This model looks updated in that all mechanical parts are metal and some connector issues have been updated and fixed. Worked well out of the box.

  • aomVIP3

    Package package for this product is very good, but the delivery of DSL is carried out with the most delay as much as possible. The operation of Learner L is not responsive to the customer, not the master according to the customer

  • 30/11/2019

    received the printer well packed, when opening the box and assembling the printer I noticed because of the noise of the metal beating on watch other that the two front rubber feet with screws was missing... I don’t believe that this unit was new... maybe a refurbished printer... some marks on the bottom. already asked for the rubber feet but with no luck... besides this, it’s a great printer with big area for big prints, silent enough to not bother you. very good quality.

  • 19/12/2018

    A impressora é de boa qualidade, mas veio com algumas partes amassadas, muito provavelmente na sua montagem, pois a embalagem estava intacta.

  • 25/06/2019

    Good end easy installed i didnt yet testing. After the testing i wişş write my view.

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  • 06/05/2019

    Everything was fine, the product is right. what I expected


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