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Tygrys 07/09/2017
This one is small, weight less 1g. It is AFHDS PPM receiver. It does not have binding button, but if can be bind by the cable connected to the binding pad. Binds with FS-i6X in AFHDS mode with no problem. The only misleading thing is the flashing blue diode in normal connected state. On other receivers flashing diode usually means some abnormal condition, stable connection is signalled by a constant light. To make it more confusing the receiver in binding mode is also flashing fast this diode, succesfull binding is signaled by solid light which seems normal and logical. Despite diode this tiny receiver is working good with FS-i6X.
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  • BG122935392 couldn't agree more how confusing it is having flashing led state for normal operation.

    Ответить 14/09/2021
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