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ctbonn 2020-02-04 21:06:54
I ordered the item as a massager and thought, it would work with two pads, which are working around for massaging. But this item works with low maintanance electrical impulses, which produce a irritation on the skin and under the skin, which has as result, that the part of neck gets an electrical massage with electrical power. It is something like that, what psysiotherapist offers you in body locations with problematic circulation for relaxing. They use pads. In the package this device has also two pads, which can be used with an included cable, with whom you can connect the pads with the neck massager. But also in the device you have two metal pads, which work as direct contact with your neck. You must give some moisture on the pads for better contacting with the skin. The device has different programms and also different strongness. You can adjust all with the buttons on the left and right side. For the price of ten dollars I can recommend it, but be carefull with the different programms, check them first in a low strongness for deciding, which programm is the best for you.
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