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  • 17/06/2016

    Отличная штука. выносной щуп длиной метр. из минусов - нет отключения питания и кнопки сброса таймера на ноль (приходится доставать батарейку что бы сбросить таймер на ноль. думаю вставить кнопку на размыкание для этого дела)

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  • 22/05/2017

    Originally i thought I'd found a great inexpensive remote oven/meat thermometer. Sadly after only two months it thinks that a glass of ice water is 223°F. There is no way to calibrate it. The problem appears to be the probe not the device as another probe from a similar (but working) item inserted into this unit reads accurately and when this probe is inserted into the other device I get the same screwy readings. No way to replace the probe only so this purge of junk goes into the trash can.

  • 25/03/2017

    There is a nice feel to this device, it is well built and sturdy. The probe is suitable for many types of meats and BBQ. Even sauces and vegaetables work fine. Get a warning when you temp is reached or you need to turn something. This is easy to clean, easy to store and I will buy more of them for out side on my grill. I particularly like the length of the wire which give me a lot of play to keep it out of the way but still in view. Nice product.

  • 24/02/2017

    Simple et pratique, de bonne qualité, la sonde est de bonne longueur, le fil de connectique de la sonde est gainé d'une tresse métallique, il y a un aimant au dos de l'écran ainsi qu'un pied rétractable pour le poser, un compte à rebours, sonnerie à la température désiré Celsius ou Fahrenheit. Prise en main rapide et instinctive ( pas eu besoin de la notice). Il y a un reset en appuyant simultanément sur les touches minutes et secondes. Prix très correct.

  • 25/02/2016

    Nice tool, works as it should. Pay attention to the buttons: the down arrow doesn't actually decrease the timer but changes just the seconds. The only thing I found inconvenient is that every time you need to set the timer to a lower value, you have to push it until it reaches 99 minutes and then start again.

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  • 26/03/2017

    Unit works well on barbeque. however the shielded lead is not really long enough for good operation. The display has to be close to the very hot cover on the barby for the probe to be inserted in the meat in the barby. Nice clear alarm and a good display to read outside. All up not a bad unit.

  • 09/02/2017

    Housing, cable and thermometer are of very good quality. I compared the temperature with an multimeter (pt100) and it is quite accurate. The magnet on the back lets it be placed on the top panel of my oven. I really recommend this product!

  • 04/05/2016

    Works well, our oven has been overheating and it has been hard to cook stuff correctly, now we can see exactly what the temperature is and cook things perfectly.

  • 25/03/2016

    The device is very nice. Cable is long and has a metal sleeve. It is an error in the manual: actualy temperature display resolution is 1C*, not 0,1*C. Banggood's description is right.

  • 01/04/2016

    Le thermometre est facile d'utilisation, merci a la base aimanté permettant de le positionner pour une lecture facile


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