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ScottNudds 2018-07-22 01:51:44
This unit has a sturdy construction and has the potential to work very well. There are some minor issues with the bolt slots in the side castings not exactly aligning with the table, but those issues are fixable reasonably easily. A significant problem exists however in the form of backlash. In the unit I purchased, backlash on the x axis is approximately 0.8 mm with some movement before the gearing properly meshes. This is due to imprecise matching between the lead screw and the threads milled into the peg that moves the bed. Backlash is less on the y axis but still substantial. Thread pitch is such that horizontal force on the bed is almost enough to spin the horizontal position adjustment knob. Similar for the y axis. This unit has the potential to be significantly better if the backlash was reduced. In it's current state is is marginally capable of support for milling into wood, but mostly usable for precise hole placement for drilling. The manufacturer should consider selling a kit to properly control the backlash, and up the precision on the threads to avoid as much backlash as possible in the first place. This unit could function so much better with just a little effort by the manufacturer.
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  • Banggood Dear ScottNudds, Thank you for your suggestion on how we can improve.  We appreciate you taking the time to inform us of how we can better serve our customers. We at Banggood welcome any of your suggestions. As our valued customer, we want to offer you the best level of service at any time and make sure that you are always satisfied. For this reason, we will forward your feedback to our supplier and actively work on improving the quality of the products we sell. If you have any other suggestions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us at this link:  http://www.banggood.com/Contact-Us_hi111. Best regards, Banggood Team

    2020-12-01 06:23:36
  • Carl Hello. I have also recived the item, and as yours mine has also 0,8 backlash. Have you any idea how to fix it ? Have you complained to BG about it ? Carl

    Ответить 2019-10-24 03:04:30
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