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  • August-05 2020 20:55:50

    Had to wait 3 months for the product, once received I noticed the smaller display is not properly attached (touch screen calibration code shows touches only work one eighth of the time) and appears to have been installed backwards!?)!, the larger display I can't get to work right, possibly just a driver issue on my end. For the price you can't argue but you get what you pay for, cheap stuff. I won't be ordering again.

  • February-27 2020 05:23:31

    Unfortunately, I didn't quite get what I wanted. There are pictograms on the displays, which was not included in the description photos. The frame covers the edge of the 2.8" screen. The 2.4" screen is still testing, but unfortunately the symbols are also on it.

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  • April-23 2020 06:10:24

    Meine Displays unterscheiden sich von den Abbildungen des Angebotes. Im Produktfoto waren vollflächig nutzbare Displays zu sehen. Ich habe zwei bekommen, bei denen ca. 10% der Fläche nicht nutzbar ist, da hier unnütze Tastfelder verbaut wurden. Somit gehe ich davon aus, dass es sich um Restposten aus eingestellten Produktionen ehemaliger Pocket-PCs o.Ä. handelt. Das 2,8“-Display zeigt leider auch dunkle, fixierte Flächen, sodass es mit hellem Hintergrund kaum zu betreiben ist. Ein scheinbar

  • January-23 2020 02:42:54

    Товар пришел в мятой коробке, неправильно упакованный, с разбитыми экранами дисплеев. На сайте не понятно куда обратиться за помощью.

  • December-12 2019 22:50:21

    Receive the screen and plug into the Arduino and Arduino mega. The display quality is pretty good but there is small dust in the corner of the screen. The dust is insider the screen and it should be inside during the assembling process.

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  • December-10 2019 11:22:28

    Recieved the goods in 25 days in India.. packaging was good, recieved everything intact... yet to test the products.. but i hope everything will be fine

  • November-15 2020 04:14:04

    Both screens work very well and the package is exceptional value for money. Arrived on time and well packaged Took me awhile to get them working. A few tips which may help? Download and use the MCUFRIEND libraries. MCUFRIEND_kbv-2.9.9-Release 2.8" screen (blue PCB) : Identifier and driver 0x6809. Touch screen pins XP=7,XM=A1,YP=A2,YM=6 My calibration int TS_LEFT=932,TS_RT=164,TS_TOP=156,TS_BOT=922 2.4" screen (red PCB): Identifier 0x0000. You need to force the identifier/ID to be 0x9341 On mine the

  • July-09 2020 06:15:30

    pacchetto ricevuto con scatola danneggiata e componenti della confezione ,scheda uno R3 con PIN piegati ed un monitor con vetro danneggiato.confezione pessima non adeguata alla componentistica,sono in attesa di essere contattato dal servizio assistenza

  • June-28 2020 22:03:46

    Product as description. Tested both display and working as expected. Tested the touchscreen for both display and made some fine tuning in the programs used to match the hardware configurările. Good kit for learning and testing some nice projects. Reccomend.

  • April-17 2020 04:58:45

    Enfin reçu le colis , le plus grand écran fonctionne parfaitement avec les librairies MCUFRIEND_kbv, pour le plus petit écran, soucis d'affichage inversé en miroir... pas encore trouvé de réponse. Sinon , bien emballé et dans une boite bien calés.


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