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  • November-04 2020 20:52:03

    Never thought that it could be so easy to build without any instructions. One resistor was missing but instead it had 2 op amps. Can't claim o lost in that one. Suprisingly good tone too. And at least here in Finlad, most radio stations were found easily. For this money, excellent deal.

  • January-17 2021 15:51:45

    Nice and easy, even for beginners like me.

  • October-30 2020 19:05:49

    kit rádio muito boa qualidade

  • November-18 2020 16:43:50

    Seems avery good FMradio kit. Materials are of good quality and I'm looking forward to start building it. Nice price too!

  • November-13 2020 05:34:18


  • September-13 2020 12:48:23

    Took about 5 hours to assemble without instructions. It is obvious where the components go. I took my time. Make sure you bend the capacitors that will be underneath the micro so they won't interfere with the micro. Device receives local FM radio stations very clearly on upstairs of house. There is a little static when used downstairs of house. It seems like the screws for assembling the acrylic case could have been a little longer. Also, the one mistake that I know I made was to attach the

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  • September-24 2020 00:51:43

    This DIY FM radio using the TDA5807 and LCD display has a much cleaner sound than the designs using the TEA5767. It does have digital controls for the volume where the lowest level, 0, is still audible. Like other FM kits, it only stops when it scans and detects a strong signal, so weaker stations may be missed. Increasing the volume allows the lights across the top to light up, and if sufficiently loud, the centre ones will start to change colour (curious when the installed LEDs are just two pins).

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  • October-26 2020 10:12:03

    This is a nice little kit and when built, it works well! The lack of instructions was not a problem for me, but might be to someone new to constructing electronic devices. I have taken some pictures of the finished board and have posted them here to help others out. One thing is not made clear on the board, when fitting the electrolytic capacitor within the large IC socket, make sure you allow enough wire to bend it down flat or you will not get the chip in the socket later! Observe the correct

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  • November-26 2020 03:32:33

    Questo kit è davvero interessante, comprende una grande quantità di componenti, tra cui un microcontrollore STC89C52 già programmato, permette di realizzare un tuner FM con amplificatore molto potente. Montato in circa due ore e risultato perfettamente funzionante già dalla prima accensione. Consiglio di lasciare un po’ più lunghi i terminali dei due condensatori da 22pf e il C7 da 4,7uf in modo da poterli piegare all’interno del socket da 40 pin del microcontrollore. Fate particolare attenzione

  • November-26 2020 03:28:53

    This kit is really interesting, it includes a large amount of components, including a STC89C52 microcontroller already programmed, it allows you to create an FM tuner with a very powerful amplifier. Assembled in about two hours and found to be in perfect working order from the first start. I recommend leaving the terminals of the two 22pf capacitors and the 4.7uf C7 a little longer in order to be able to bend them inside the 40-pin socket of the microcontroller. Pay particular attention to the direction


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