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  • 2020-02-11 06:29:59

    Hello friends, it's me again, Thom the watchmaker. I am a professional solder, SMD components are no problem for me. Here are some pictures of my finished soldered watch. Front and back. Please see for yourself - the clock is very clean and soldered without any short circuits. Checked all connections according to the schematic. Nevertheless my watch does not work. After switching it on, not a single LED lights up. The clock is dead, nothing works. The STC-Cip gets very hot. Unfortunately I can't

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  • Ontario
    2020-02-09 18:06:45

    The circuit board is well made and there are even spare components in case you sneeze and lose one forever. Yes, the components are tiny. Unfortunately after building the kit and checking all my soldering twice, it still doesn't work. I've only just found the schematic diagram in the documentation file, so I'll be troubleshooting.

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  • sivascu
    2020-02-17 10:17:45

    Hi, This is second kit, firs one microconroler STC wrongly soldered, this one finally works!! Some tips: - to open instruction: right click on link, then Save Link As, then open downloded file with WINRAR - solder microcontroler STC like in picture attached, with STC sign rotated right by 90 degrees - vibration switch was very sensitive, I was not able to setup clock due to continouos resetting of clock. To solve I strap-it vibration switch. - Capacitors code: C1-C2, BC1-BC2 20pf SMD white color,

  • 2020-05-03 18:26:59

    second build was the charm.....works great.....there is no R6-1, position the cpu chip correctly , Take your time soldering the SMDs, I solder the the rgb leds last, in increments of two and test them out as I put them in. good luck

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  • zvaraf
    2020-10-16 05:00:48

    The parcel was well packed and arrived relatively quickly. I am very sorry, but I was wrong. I did not notice (and think) that I should solder SMD components. So I will not begin to build this clock until I have enough practice in SMD soldering.

  • 2020-05-18 06:50:15

    Nice, hard, project. My SMD skils have increased. The clock works, except voor the IR remote. I have tested the sensor and the remote, see pictures. Further checked continuity to the HW (P3.5/11) on the STC5A chip.

  • Ringo23
    2020-02-16 10:17:19

    Hi.. The clock is excellent. I'm not a soldering professional but I managed to put together a watch. The instructions are incomplete.

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  • 2020-02-19 03:28:12

    This item was packed well. The only thing which is missing the schematic and the component list. Later I have found on the website. it will be fine to include. It looks good and even if it is not mounted yet together.

  • bangood
    2020-02-26 13:31:56

    Leuke diy kit, werkt zoals verwacht.

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  • 2020-08-25 05:21:39

    Сломаны два верхних крепления и надломано правое нижнее


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