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  • 06/10/2020

    Я использую его с помощником. Он отсылает и отсылает информацию как отдельные коды. Вы можете четко узнать состояние вашей двери или окна. Довольно успешно по сравнению с другими продуктами с одним кодом. Порекомендовал бы.

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  • 25/12/2019

    I already own some of these and use these with my alarm system integrated into Home Assistant,they work flawlessly with a long battery life, they also look really well and aren’t to big that you notice round a door or window frame They also send 2 separate codes for open and closed which is great for automation, and a small led indicator on it which activates when the sensor opens or closes. You can remove the sensor once secured with the double sided tape by sliding it off the back plate, this gives easy access to change the battery.

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  • 21/02/2019

    Works with Sonoff RF Bridge. Send 2 separate codes for onOpen and onClose events (see attached photo - screenshot from tasmotized RF Bridge). State changes occur within 1.5-2.0 [cm] range. Blue led blinks on state change. Runs single AAA battery (included).

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  • hwaVIP2

    This sensor has 4 functions as described in the offer: - Activate and - Deactivate (others often do not provide this) via the internal reed relay - Anti-tamper switch function via an extra switch on the rear side. - Low voltage alert function (try it with a weak battery). All those 4 states are transmitted by separate codes which are different in the last hexnumber: close: "E", Open: "A", Battery: "6", Tamper: "7" Works for example with RFLink and Sonoff RF Bridge. Dont know how long the AAA Batterie lasts, but they are easy to replace.

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  • 03/05/2019

    Got 5 of them a couple months ago. Out of 5, 2 of them didn't have the anti-tamper switch, I solved that soldering on the pcb a small push button, since they still had the traces for the switch. So far they've been working flawlessly paired with a tasmotized Sonoff RF bridge, in my HA environment.

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  • 01/10/2018

    After working out sonoff door sensors are one code only (Open), I found out about these. They are MUCH better, being able to send RF codes for open/close, and low battery I believe. Confirmed they work well for open/close so that's the main thing. Very good to show contact states in OpenHAB. Works perfectly with Sonoff Bridge flashed to Tasmota. Came with a battery built in too!

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  • 23/10/2019

    Nice sensor, small, and sends open and close status. Cheap battery but its working (and not dead!). Works with Sonoff RF Bridge (i flashed w/tasmota first) just fine. Will see how battery life and range turn out as i install them. Adhesive is a bit weak, will probably have to swap that for some good 3M adhesive.

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  • 08/03/2019

    ottimo sensore di allarme bistato (aperto/chiuso) per porteefinestre nei sistemi di allarme. usato con molta soddisfazione con sonoff bridge rf433, tasmota e hassio.

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  • 15/12/2018

    Using it with Sonoff Rf bridge. It can detect door open and close. Single AAA battery. Range seems to be less though.. as the sensor not able to send data to the rf receiver on the next floor

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  • 28/02/2020

    Работает отлично, чувствует себя ценным, светодиодные огни очень незаметно, так что не беспокоится, а по цене большой. Аккумуляторные и клейкие прокладки также включены в комплект поставки

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