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  • January-17 2017 18:23:01

    I bougth 3 modules and all off them have a defect in the ipx conector that prevent to use and external antenna. Central pin of ipx connector is not connect to the board. De defect looks internal but I check with a tester. Please give a solution because my aplication need and external antenna otherwise is useless. Please dont ask for video o photo because it doesn't show externaly. Thanks

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  • July-30 2016 16:27:30

    This module works similarly to the Adafruit Ultimate GPS module. I have two original model B Raspberry Pis. I have this on one and Adafruit on the other. The Ada cost twice as much as the Ublox. Remember when wiring that TX on the module goes to RX on the Raspberry and RX on the module goes to TX on the Raspberry.

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  • February-27 2016 14:26:50

    The GPS module uses the UBLOX NEO6M chip. The data sheet can be found here: https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/products/documents/NEO-6_DataSheet_(GPS.G6-HW-09005).pdf I bought this module since it has an on-board antenna. I connected the module to an Arduino Uno and installed the tinygpsplus library. The library can be found here: http://arduiniana.org/libraries/tinygpsplus/ Connected TX to D4 and RX to D3. The only thing I had to do to make examples work was to change baud rate from 4800

  • March-01 2016 07:12:29

    I connected this module to my Arduino Uno and installed the Adafruit_GPS.h library. I wrote a small program displaying the GPS informations on my PC screen connected to the Arduino Uno through the USB connection. The GPS was inside my house and, after some minutes, I received 4 satellites then 5 and 6 later! A really good board.

  • November-27 2015 10:27:28

    I was a little disappointed at first as I could not get it to talk to my UNO R3 or NANO mini. It was clearly working but just sending garbage. Rather than mess about I connected via U-Center and it came up perfectly using auto-baud. The info above states that the default baud is 38400 but this unit was working at 9600. Accuracy is excellent even on the inbuilt ceramic antenna, and indoors. It doesn't take minutes to lock at first, it took just over 40 seconds. Subsequent start ups were less than

  • August-09 2015 14:26:02

    Works out of the box with a raspberry pi using GPSD (or on a laptop with a PL2303 usb-> serial). If you want to use it for an arduino project, you may have a look to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwhCX0c8Xe0 . 10hz refresh it's pretty quick ...

  • June-28 2016 10:37:40

    I used the ublox software it instantly worked. this was a product recommended by iforce2d on youtube. Bang good should send him more things to review I buy everyone of the products he recommends

  • October-13 2016 05:17:59

    Works perfectly with Raspberry Pi for timing applications with PPS pin and ntp Works best with external active antenna connected to u.FL connector

  • December-19 2018 10:56:34


  • December-09 2017 05:54:42

    A very nice GPS module - works very well with Raspberry Pi. All in one.


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