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  • February-28 2020 10:55:37

    За такую цену просто отлично🧐👌 Упаковано хорошо. Неплохой пуллер в комплекте. На некоторых символах линии чуть тоньше. Пробел немного изогнут. Профиль не DSA, а XDAS (что вполне видно по фото)

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  • March-04 2020 12:54:28

    The keycaps arrived nicely. For this price, I do expect some font inconsistency, like the "U" font key being thinner than the rest and the doubleshot keycaps having the fonts bleed. This isn't actually DSA profile but more like VSA, like that Vortex low profile keyboard that uses the same profile keycaps. Feels nice with wider surface on the keycaps and quite slim. This might take a bit of time after moving from cherry profile keycaps. Thickness is 1mm, so nothing special. Overall, it's not bad for

  • February-17 2020 12:14:18

    AMAZING value for the money! There are some extremely minor flaws in the printing of the Orange on Grey keys that you can see in the pictures. All of the Black on White keys are perfect. Also, the white keys are not bright white, they’re more of a vintage white with that common slight beige tint. Highly recommended!!!

  • April-22 2020 10:40:07

    FILCO Majestouch Convertible 2(87 キー)に装着しています。非常に良い発色で気に入っています。 DSA プロファイルなので指を動かしやすいです。 商品説明欄には昇華印刷とありますが、二色成型です。 多少処理の甘いところもありますが、あまり目立たないところなので気にならないと思います。

  • August-26 2020 15:04:17

    Cool keycaps. Much better that original Anne pro 2. Plastic is heavy and thick. Print looks clearly at full dark. LED areol from backlight not blind you, as it did with orig keycaps. F&J keys type-mark feels sharp and tactile. And this keycaps sound greate and quiet.

  • June-05 2020 01:08:30

    제가 원하던 것입니다! 가격이 저렴해서 키보드 크기도 낮은 편이지만 제품 판매 사진은 밝게 나와서 하 노란색 키캡이 좋은데...하고 아쉬웠지만 제품 사진이 잘못나온것이었습니다. 대만족합니다

  • September-03 2020 21:16:51

    I most definitely recommend this product, I used them on my ducky one two mini and they look stunning. a lot of you might think that because the letters don’t have the shine through they may not look that good but trust me when I say it has a certain beauty with the black letters with the RGB shine. I 100% recommend these for anyone with an ansi layout, they feel amazing and look amazing. I am also a big fan of the height of the key caps, as they’re about 1cm or so smaller than the standard ducky

  • April-24 2020 08:01:48

    Yes they are cheap PBT dye sub, but you get cheap quality. None of the keys line up. They all have rough, jagged parts. The legends are not all centred. It’s fine for a trash board (I’m using them on my switch tester hot swap board) but if it’s your daily driver, then find something better. Attaching pics of how badly it lines up. Other than that, it’s nice.

  • February-18 2020 23:39:30

    Good looking beige keycaps, i think the picture representation is wrong because its not white but beige like those old IBM keycaps which is a nice surprise. Really flat at the top, lower profile than other DSA keycaps. Some print bleed like with the number 6, number 2 and 3 key.

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  • July-30 2020 17:16:16

    nada mal, están muy bien estás key caps

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