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BG162135473 06/04/2021
These look great and I am going to see how they go on my 124018 and 124019 as I have used the FY08 wheels on them and they go +/-10kmh faster with those on them. the wheels that have the part number 12059 that are a little bit bigger are a bit slower as they are heavier but give great ground clearance over grassy areas. I have just ordered 8 sets of wheels of various treads and sizes that also have a 12mm hex on them. None are recommended for them but if they can rotate freely and steer the car without rubbing against the body then there is no issues with using them. People say that it will cause the motors to get hot but that happens anyway in normal use anyway and the batteries only let you use them for +/- 10 minutes. I will even try them on my TEAM ASSOCIATED DR10 DRAG RACE CAR for the back wheels if they fit under the body but where the hex is located they will stick out to far and are best suited for a buggy the has open wheels. Measure your cars inner rim size and how deep the hex may be located so when looking at other wheels you can more easily judge for yourself if they fit or not. A12mm hex WILL FIT a 12mm NUT on any car that has them. Now I am going to put them on the 124019 first and see how fast they can make it go.
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  • BG131450151 how fast did it go on 124019 compared to stock tire?

    Ответить 28/09/2021
  • Gugman 10KMH faster using them. They work very well when going over grassy surfaces better than with stock wheels.

    Ответить 29/09/2021
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