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virsli68 11/04/2022
It came in 3 days! It's incredible but it really works the way it's been described! Easy operation with the remote, Accurate getting on and off? It really avoids obstacles when used with the watch! Very good size! 2 batteries! 8-8 minutes flight! I recommend this for adults too!
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  • virsli68 I always run in these engines before using them! That's the rule too! I'll take it apart to see the propellers fixed! And I'll walk for 20 minutes! That's when they're copied! Eternal life after that! This can be seen in a picture!

    Ответить 11/04/2022
  • virsli68 Don't buy this !!! They are considered uncontrollable at 12 meters! an unpretentious Chinese eye! I already threw in. You'll catch it when you walk a lot!

    Ответить 20/04/2022
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