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  • 12/11/2021

    Отличная клавиатура. Сборка прочная, как и ожидалось, с алюминиевым корпусом, RGB действительно становится достаточно ярким и имеет несколько приятных эффектов. Тем не менее, вам нужно будет отвергнуть мод и смазать стабилизаторы на этой доске, особенно backspace, введите и сдвиньте клавиши, так как есть очень немного погремушки. Я использую их вместе со Священными Пандами Фекера, и это отличная комбинация. Доставка была вовремя. Спасибо, Бэнггуд.

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  • 08/01/2022

    I agree with the other review posted on this product: the quality is excellent, the functionality is excellent as well. the one thing that needs to be addressed out-of-the box is the stabilizers. I am honestly surprised by them - the tolerances they were manufactured with are not in the range of quality that a $150 keyboard demands. The other things that I found a little surprising is that there wasn't any sound dampening foam in the bottom of the case. I certainly thought there would be something. But those quibbles aside, this is a really nice keyboard. I lubed the stabilizers, and built mine with Kaihl Box Jade switches, and Akko Silent keycaps. And it just sounds and feels excellent. I am really pulling for more of these keyboards to make it to the western market. I've only seen four with this keyboard layout, and two of them have bad firmware, and the other is not in the same class as this keyboard. One or two more suggestions that might be worth considering if you do a V2 of this keyboard: (1) maybe offer some different materials for the plate and sound dampening. Maybe POM and Aluminum for the plate, and silicon for the sound dampening between the plate and PCB, (2) As mentioned before: add some sound dampening to the bottom of the case (ie, under the PCB), and (3) add some magnetic feet for raising the typing angle. This keyboard is a bit lower than I tend to like with my keyboards, so having the ability to adjust the typing angle would be an excellent addition. Final aside: I hope you can find a good company to work with that imports your products to the West. The only company I currently see listing your products on Amazon is a company I've had an extremely bad experience with. So bad that I will not be purchasing from them again. So, as it stands, I will have to use this site to get your products unless you can find a company that will do a good job with distributing your products.

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