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  • July-27 2020 04:29:06

    Funciona muito bem, só é pena não trazer carregador!

  • July-02 2020 01:15:24

    Very Bright and good Quality. Recommend

  • January-26 2014 22:06:02

    Неплохой фонарь, но от светодиода XM-L2 ожидал большего. По физическим размерам и яркости свечения практически не отличается от светодиода XML-T6. Радует большой угол рассеивания, т.е. на небольшом расстоянии получается довольно большое световое пятно. Свет холодный, с едва заметным

  • March-23 2015 22:18:22

    Me dejo imprecionado, la verdad excelente producto, esta pequeñita la linterna pero cuando le pones la pila y la prendes parece que tienes un reflector en la mano, tambien compre la Cree t6 SKU066947 y nada que ver con esta, con eso que la otra es mas grande y lleva 2 pilas 18650 esta tiene mucho mas poder.

  • March-03 2015 12:45:46

    Cree XM-L2 LED is best on market atm, bright light. Flashlight runs with 1.6A @4.2V and about 500 lumens from the LED emitter 0.9A @3.55V and about 300 lumens at LED emitter The LED has quite a purple tint and zoomed out the outer ring a pretty amber tint from lens. As all Zoomable flashlights the loss of light output is quite a lot the more you zoom, as only front light of the LED is used, should be about 15% zommed out and over 50% at full zoom plus loss on the cheap lens. I like flashlights

  • February-16 2015 03:42:30

    Amazingly bright torch. For those that don't have this type they have one super bright LED with a zoom feature that can light up a house from hundreds of feet away. This fist sized torch (and the others I bought in this price bracket) throws a wide, even cool white round beam which turns into a small, bright square when zoomed right in. And when I say even, I mean even - not at all like a bulb torch with bright centre spot with dim uneven spaced concentric circles. Onto a wall from six feet away

  • May-18 2015 03:33:05

    I received my flashlight under 2 weeks shipped to Sweden and I am super happy thanks a lot! I will upload some photos of it in action soon. Right now I have only tested with 3xAAA batteries but it is absolutely worth the money i paid super cheap!! If you zoom out you can light things from REALLY far away :) Greatings from Sweden !! Recommend !

  • May-13 2015 14:54:04

    Zu der Lampe gibt es nicht so viel zu sagen, sie besitzt die verschiedenen Leuchtmodi: Dauerlicht in 3 Helligkeitsstufen, Flash (Stroboskop) und SOS. Der Kopf der Lampe ist stufenlos durch herausziehen oder eben wieder hereindrücken einstellbar, was eben den Streuwinkel einstellt. Das einzig negative was mich stört ist, das der Chip sich nicht resettet bzw. zurückstellt. Das bedeutet das sich die Lampe den zuletzt eingestellten Modus merkt und man beim einschalten den nächsten unfreiwillig auswählt!

  • May-03 2015 15:21:50

    item appeared not new, scratches on the glass and torn package sometimes flashes with AAA batteries, something inside probably doesn't fit other than that, LED is bright as sun and casing looks sturdy enough will give it a chance. if it stops working, doesn't really matter for throwaway price

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  • April-29 2015 08:55:21

    This flashlight is realy really bright,it came as described nice zoom when u zoom out u are able to have very lighting of an area around 30 meters diameter.when zoom in you have a beam with the led structure,and u can light a car from 150 meters away,or u can see inside a building from 200meters.the beam is very strong.the flashlight is small and can fit almost everywhere.i like the glow in the dark on off button.u can easy break a glass with the front metal


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